Produced by Hendersin


"Broken Bottles"

Working every day, just to party every night
Happiness is like code, cause I got it in my sight
Now I gotta slow it down, cause these feelings that I fight, like (like, like)
Now I’m at the top, I don’t ever wanna fall
And I’m focus on reception; I don’t wanna lose the call
I’m addicted to the game, yeah, I’m going through withdraw
(Cause, cause)
This is what I wanted, I don’t wanna let it pass
Treat my last like my first and my first like my last
And I’m talking about my future, but think about my past, cause
(Cause , cause)
Don’t know where I’m headed, and I don’t know where to go
When the liquor’s going fast, but the room is moving slow
When I thought that I would crash, I’m progressive with the flow, so
(So, so)
I go..

Broken bottles, in the hotel lobby
Seems to me like I’m just scared I’ll never feel love? again
I know it’s crazy to believe in silly things
But, it’s not that easy

Times we won’t remember but the vision that I see?
Yea and I been cutting tracks, got precision to a T
The credit's over due, I’m about to charge a fee, like
(Like, like)
Steady on the road, and my girl’s always pissed
Every time that she calls, it ends up being missed
And now I need a shot, DJ Icee with the assist, like
(Like, like)
This is what it’s like when you’re killing it on tour
And this girl named Mandy, she wanna give me more
But my girl’s the only one, so I just ignore, like
(Like, like)

This is what you wanted, this is what you needed
Just to get fame, to prove that you’ve succeeded


Dammmn, never thought I’d be a quitter
But yet I’m in this hotel, suite, I’m feeling bitter
Dreams start to fade, like the style of my hair
And I need a stylist, cuz the smile that I wear, well
It’s wearing thin, it’s my turn to learn
Sometimes yeah its feeling like a hair pin
And If I don’t slow down I’m probably gonna crash bet
They ask me, am I having fun yet?
What the fuck is that, but we still own the night
I speak the truth, in my joints; I bring it to the light
And yea my lines pack punches, so I don’t need to fight
Know that I was numb, but lately I’ve been feeling like
This is the pinnacle, don’t mean to sound cynical
Yeah I’m sick no meds no clinical
Yeah, it’s a lot to drinking
I’m drowning in my sorrows, but I’ll try not to sink in