Produced by Lewis Cullen

"White Nights"

Damn, this is what it's come to?
Getting paid for the shows mic check one,two
Journey always better than the place that you run to
Before was like practice more like a run through
Its time to capitalize
Cuz I connect these lines like capital I's
And I just always been me, I ain't have to disguise
When your working for the chips well you have to be wise
Surprise cuz I'm back in the place, doing what I need to do
And I didn't stop till they said we believe in you
It's funny cuz the things that I capture
They play fucking louder than the screams in the rapture
They tried to leave me broke but the thing bout a fracture
It's something that I fear but its nothing I will factor cuz…

These dreams under my pillow
In the twilight of these white nights
These dreams under my pillow
In the twilight of these white nights

I love the game thats what I was made for
You thought that I would fold but thats what you get a maid for
Its funny cuz I'm paid for getting out my dreams
Gotta keep it moving, never park fuck yo themes yeah
Get it theme park? so if it seem dark, don't worry bout light
They say pain equals love, thats a match that I know but its one you ain't gotta fight, right?
No you ain't gotta fight it, I'm heating up you can say I'm ignited
Yes your invited to this thing I call life
These rappers couldn't cut even if they had knife
Vigorus with venom, its in my genes like demin
They getting attached like song's in email's when you send em
Damn, ya'll ain't doin to good
Now its time to bare witness like you livin in the woods